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Roof Cleaning on Dellwood Dr in Tallahassee, FL

Roof cleaning on dellwood dr in tallahassee fl

Roof cleaning for another very satisfied customer. Our pressure washing pros came out and did the house and driveway earlier in the year. This customer was skeptical of chemical treatment, I offered to do a small section of the roof so he could see if he liked the results and show him our process. I got the call back to do the roof a few months later. roof was 15+ years old and ended up looking brand new when we were finished.

Project Info:

Estimated Budget: $450

Area: Tallahassee, FL

Services Rendered:

  • Soft Washing
  • Roof Cleaning

Project Video:

Client Review: BBWP did an excellent roof cleaning for us. Not being a fan of chemical treatments, I only had them do a part of our roof to see how it turned out and it turned out so well I brought them back to do the rest of it. The cleaning eliminated mildew and moss growth and the shingles are in great shape - they look nearly new (this is a 20 yr old roof). Little effect on our foundation plants and nicely done cleanup. Looking forward to next year.
- Kit G


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